Call Me Abuela


Rantings of an Amateur Chef

Many of the dishes I made during the week are not very involved. It may be 30 minutes of active cooking and prep work and total time of an hour. It is on the weekends that I get to make those dishes that are more involved and take the proper time to develop. As a result, I find that I am spending most of my Sunday in the kitchen. I think of all the old Italian grandmothers who spent many hours every day in the kitchen and think I am starting to morph into one of them.

This time there was a distinct Mexican theme, so call me Abuela….

Photo Dec 09, 5 24 46 PM

This was the first time I made tamales. They were pretty darn good.

Photo Dec 09, 1 40 55 PM

I found the corn husks in the “ethnic” aisle of the grocery store. I didn’t have California chile pods, so at first (and in the picture) I was going to…

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