Resting in His Grace

To their minds the story seemed madness, and they could not believe it. Luke 24:11

It’s Resurrection Day, Easter Sunday, and Cesar Chavez’s 86th birthday. But you already knew that, didn’t you? Well at least a pair of them. For many, it’s Easter and a wascally wabbit will soon hide eggs so that the baskets he earlier delivered can be put to use. Also for the many, we celebrate our Risen Lord; He’s Alive! Regarding Cesar, someone’s probably asking “wow dude, what do you… keep like a list of birthdays of old dead guys so as to remember their feats and contributions?”

Google ChavezNo, nothing like that. I just opened Google Chrome. There he was, center stage, labor revolutionist. Will you join me for a round of Happy Birthday? I mean, this is pretty significant stuff here. One can hardly blame Google for wanting to recognize a man with acts…

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